Oak Ridge, TN

Professional Lawn Care in Oak Ridge, TN

Oak Ridge is a small town with lots of natural beauty. With our long history, experience, and our eco-friendly products, we have what it takes to make a yard beautiful and healthy. At Emerald Island, we have served the residents and businesses in Oak Ridge for over 20 years. 

It is important to note that every lawn has unique requirements regarding lawn care, and we do not believe in adding unnecessary services that will result in a higher bill for you. We work with you to develop a lawn care plan that leaves your lawn looking its best without going over budget.

Our lawn care services in Oak Ridge include:

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Lawn aeration
  • Overseeding
  • Tree and shrub care
  • Ornamental maintenance
  • Mosquito control

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Lawn Fertilization in Oak Ridge, TN

The lawn fertilization programs offered at Emerald Island are designed from experience and with a scientific level of precision based on your lawn alone. Our certified technicians mix a slow-release granular fertilizer with the nutrients and micronutrients best suited for your lawn care needs based on a soil test

By using a granular fertilizer, your lawn is slowly fed over a longer time instead of washing off like liquid fertilizers. This allows your grass to grow thick and tough, making it better suited to fight off weeds and stand up to pests and diseases. We follow up with scheduled visits timed throughout the year to reapply and assess the progress of your lawn
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Lawn Aeration in Oak Ridge, TN

One of the most important things you can do for your lawn’s health is aeration. Lawn Aeration is a process that breaks through the thick build-up of thatch that forms over time and loosens up hard soil. The red clay that makes up much of the ground in our region makes it especially difficult for water and other nutrients to reach the roots of our lawn.

If your lawn isn’t getting the nutrients it needs, it could show signs of the following:

  • Browning, thinning grass
  • Pools of water in your yard
  • Spongy grass
  • Tough soil that’s hard to dig

The aeration services at Emerald Island are designed to get your yard back on track by using a machine that loosens hardened soil layers. This makes it much easier for your grass to absorb oxygen, water, and nutrients. If your lawn has areas of thin or dead grass, we recommend adding our overseeding program to quickly revive and strengthen your grass.
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Tree and Shrub Care in Oak Ridge, TN

Trees and shrubs are the focal point of any yard, so taking care of them is essential. Trees also provide much-needed shade and clean air. At Emerald Island, we are equipped with the knowledge and the tools to take care of your trees and ornamentals so you can enjoy their benefits year-round.

Our tree and shrub care program in Oak Ridge includes:

  • Professional evaluations
  • Insect and disease treatment
  • Watering, pruning, and trimming
  • Deep-root fertilization.
  • Regular monitoring and inspection.

Mosquito Control in Oak Ridge, TN

Living in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee comes at a cost. Mosquitoes are everywhere in the summer and can ruin any plans you had for your outdoor spaces. Investing in mosquito control can reduce the number of mosquitoes you’ll encounter while outside and protects you from harmful mosquito-borne diseases like:

  • West Nile.
  • La Crosse Encephalitis (LACE).
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE).
  • Zika

We have been taking care of the residents of Oak Ridge since 1999. If you are ready to invest in quality mosquito control from Emerald Island, call us today at 865-588-4497 or leave us a message on our contact page. 

Areas We Service Around Oak Ridge

We proudly service our local communities around Oak Ridge, including:

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