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Our Lawn Services in Knoxville

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Emerald Island offers a variety of lawn and landscape services for homeowners and businesses in the Knoxville area. We customize our programs to fit the needs of each of our clients, and they can be added or deleted as a client needs change.

With Emerald Island, it is possible to have a lush, thick, healthy lawn while still protecting and conserving the environment. We use only dry granular fertilizers and utilize only the most effective processes and procedures designed to protect our environment.

Lawn Fertilization Programs Designed for Your Grass

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Emerald Island offers a comprehensive lawn service designed to provide the proper nutrients in the right quantities at the right time.

Before beginning any lawn service program, we perform a soil test. This helps us to determine the fertility and health of your soil and provides us with an accurate analysis for creating a healthy soil environment that will lead to maximum plant growth.

The next and most crucial component of our professional lawn care program is fertilization. Grass grows fast and during a regular growing season, it will quickly use all the nutrients and micronutrients from the soil. Maintaining your soil’s nutrient level for optimum turf growth requires supplements to be added. Fertilizer is like a vitamin for your grass. While grass makes its own food by transforming sunlight into energy, soil nutrients help grass process that sunlight, making it a critical element in the success of your lawn.

Emerald Island’s Lawn Service Program includes multiple scheduled visits throughout the growing season. We use a slow-release fertilizer that provides essential lawn nutrients and micronutrients over a longer period of time, preventing sudden bursts of growth that require lots of mowing. Our granular fertilizer dissolves into the soil slowly, providing just the right balance of nutrients for strong root development and lush green top growth.

Core Aeration in Knoxville

Here in Tennessee, we have an abundance of red clay. It is heavy, thick, and does not drain well, often causing compaction or other problems within your lawn. To overcome this, we use a process called core aeration. This fast and effective method loosens up your soil and relieves compaction. Annual core aeration treatments also help to reduce thatch buildup, which is especially prevalent on Zoysia lawns.

How to Determine if Your Yard Needs Core Aeration

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  • Your soil is hard to dig through
  • You have spongy grass due to excess thatch buildup
  • There is water pooling in areas of your yard
  • There is water running off the soil and not absorbing into the ground
  • You have browning or thinning grass

Emerald Island Lawn Service’s core aeration process can make a significant impact on the strength, color, and thickness of your lawn. Using the latest technology, we operate a machine that pulls up small plugs of compacted soil and redistributes them over your lawn. Pulling up these plugs allows the soil to spread out and de-compact, promoting the flow of water, air, and nutrition to cycle through the lawn’s roots. For thin fescue lawns or problem lawns, it is a good idea to overseed the lawn after aerating. This is the process of putting an abundance of new grass seed into your lawn’s soil, thickening the turf. It can help fill in brown patches, shaded areas, and thin spots on the lawn. For information on core aeration or the overseeding process, contact us now.

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