Why Deep Root Fertilization Is So Beneficial for Your Trees

Posted on September 28, 2022

Your valuable trees and shrubs are more than just lawn decorations. These beautiful lawn accents are aesthetically appealing and offer a variety of beneficial factors to us and the many species on our planet. Trees and shrubs provide shade, create oxygen, purify our air, act as sound barriers, and help us save energy. These beautiful monuments add curbside appeal and tremendous property value to your home.

Like the turf on your property, trees and shrubs need maintenance to help keep them strong and thriving. Routine monitoring, inspecting, trimming, pruning, and fertilization are all necessary to ensure your beloved lawn ornaments stay vibrant and robust. But, what is tree fertilization and exactly how does it benefit your trees and shrubs?

Deep Root Fertilization for Trees and Shrubs shrubs in landscaping

Much like your lawn and grass, proper fertilization is at the core of every thriving ornamental landscape. A fertilization program is used to maintain the health of trees and shrubs while increasing their resistance to injury from diseases and insects. At Emerald Island Lawn Service, our tree and shrub care program includes a custom-blended fertilizer. We inject the fertilizer into the root-zone of your plants to enrich the soil and increase the nutrient levels, providing a healthier tree with a healthier life span.

Why Is a Tree Fertilizer Necessary?

The trees surrounding our homes are usually competing with grass and other vegetation for nutrients. Branches, twigs, and leaves that would normally become recycled tree fertilizer in a forest, are cleaned up by homeowners and groundskeepers. Tree fertilization increases a healthy tree’s resistance to disease and pests. It can also improve its overall strength, create denser more luxuriant foliage and develop a stronger root system. This means fewer treatments for disease in the future and less removal of trees in the long run.

A well-blended fertilizer will contain the following much needed nutrients:

  • Nitrogen: It gives trees and other plants their dark green color
  • Phosphorus: It promotes cell division, which helps roots grow
  • Potassium: Responsible for the creation of chlorophyll in plants

For Distressed Treestrees at sunset

If you are noticing yellowing or premature leaf drop, your tree may be lacking vital nutrients that tree fertilizer can supply.

There are many signs you can look for to determine if one or all of your trees are in distress. They include:

  • Leaf discoloration such as leaves turning yellow or brown
  • Dead branches that appear to break easily
  • Growth on any part of the tree
  • Bark abnormalities including peeling bark
  • Seeping fluids
  • Hard grey growths that appear like a fungus

Depending on the type of disease or pest that is causing your tree stress, fertilizer can help by enhancing the nutrients it receives. Because most problems start within the roots, a deep root fertilizer injected into the roots could give your vegetation the revitalization it desperately needs.

Leave It to the Professionals at Emerald Island Lawn Service

It’s best to leave the fertilization of trees and shrubs to the professionals. Diagnosing a distressed tree can be difficult and using the wrong type of fertilizer may only damage the tree further. Our highly-trained, professional tree & shrub specialists know what problems to look for and how to solve them throughout the growing season. We offer individually tailored treatments based explicitly on the needs of your trees and shrubs. 

Visit our website to learn more about our tree and shrub care program. Contact us online or by phone at: 865-588-4497. Best to call us now, fall is the perfect time for fertilization before the tree becomes dormant over the winter. 

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