Prepare for Fall With Aeration and Overseeding

Posted on August 24, 2022

When fall comes around, it’s important to understand that your lawn will no longer require the same methods of care as it did in the summer. However, that doesn’t mean your turf won’t require care at all, it just means that it will look different as the weather progresses throughout the seasons. By changing your lawn care with the changing seasons, you will have a better turf year after year and ensure that your lawn is healthy from the ground up. aeration machine

For the fall season, that means getting acquainted with core aeration and overseeding. While it might not be right for everyone, this process is extremely common right before the cool weather hits to ensure your lawn is well enough to withstand the weather changes.  

The Basics of Aeration

Aeration is done specifically to create an airflow throughout the depths of your turf’s soil, allowing it to be better equipped to absorb nutrients from things like fertilizer and watering methods. This method was developed to counteract the wear and tear of lawns when they are being used. Aeration is often needed even when your lawn is well taken care of, so it’s not a sign of neglect, but just of frequent use. 

Where Overseeding Comes Into Playgrass overseeding

While aeration allows the nutrients to be absorbed, it doesn’t repair the damage that is already done. That’s where overseeding comes in. Overseeding will allow your turf to fill in the sparse, thin patches of grass to grow back more quickly and be strong enough to last through the winter. This process will help your turf be better matched with your specific soil type and create less opportunity for infestation and lawn disease.

Why Both?

The benefits of combining these two are far higher than choosing to treat your lawn with one and not the other. Aeration’s sole purpose is to prepare your lawn, so if you choose not to treat it after aeration, it’s benefits stop there. Overseeding with aeration skips the process of creating room for your lawn to accept the nutrients to grow, so you may be wasting your time without aeration. 

Choose Emerald Island to Prepare for Fall!  

Emerald Island team members are equipped with the knowledge to assess and execute your needs on aeration and overseeding. Fall is the perfect time to receive this service, and we’re the ones who can help you do it! 

Our clients can give us a call at 865-588-4497 or reach out to us through our online contact form, located here. We’re ready to help you and your lawn, today!

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