Why You Should Consider Grub Control This Summer

Posted on June 14, 2021

Grubs may be small, but they major headaches for thousands of homeowners across Tennessee. You might think grub control is worth skipping if you’ve never had a problem with the bugs before. You may want to reconsider once you know a little more about how grubs operate and just how bad their damage can be.

What’s The Deal With Grubshands holding dirt with grubs in it

When grubs invade, don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean you’ve neglected your yard. Quite the opposite! Grubs love healthy lawns because that means a regular source of food. “Grubs” is the common word we use to describe the larvae of Japanese beetles. They look nothing like their parents until they reach maturity themselves. Adults are between 1/3 and 1/2 inch in length with metallic-green heads and thoraxes and copper-colored wing covers. Parts of their body also have small whitish hairs.

A Day In The Life Of A Grub

When adult Japanese beetles lay their eggs, they do so in our lawns. When the eggs hatch, they turn into C-shaped caterpillar-like bugs with brown heads and white bodies. They utilize the grass as a food source until they reach adulthood, munching on the roots for nourishment. Once they reach maturity, they emerge from the soil, looking more like a beetle and less like a caterpillar. In fact, grubs are reaching maturity right now and will leave the soil as adults in June or July, remaining active through September. Adult beetles will dine on the blades of grass, and as they do so, they emit an odor that will attract more beetles. In other words, the more grubs, the merrier. Japanese beetles will tell their friends that your lawn is the best food in town. Leaving a grub problem untreated will make the situation increase exponentially. If you haven’t already opted for grub control this year, it’s still not too late! Your lawn care service technician can nip the problem in the bud and get rid of grubs before they have a chance to become parents themselves.

How Do You Know If You Have Grubs

Wild Animals Congregating

You’ve seen what happens when you scattered birdseed or breadcrumbs on the lawn: your whole yard is quickly filled with wild birds happy to take advantage of free food. If you notice flocks of birds like this often or an increase in possums, raccoons, or other wild animals in your yard, it could be because they’re digging for grubs. All those birds and animals don’t care about your lawn. They can leave your yard torn up and looking like a hurricane hit.

Sod Delivery You Didn’t Ask For

Fresh sod can be rolled up like a carpet. If your turf can be peeled back like freshly laid sod, that’s a huge indicator you’ve got grubs. In fact, you should be able to see the grubs if you can roll back the turf. This phenomenon happens because of the damage they cause to the roots of the turfgrass. Without roots to cling to the earth, the grass just pulls right up.

Your Turf Looks Like The Surface Of The Moon

If your lawn has developed new divets, bumps, uneven areas, or craters, it could be caused by grub activity. Spongy grass is another problem. Healthy, hydrated grass should be soft, but if your turf feels squishy or like you’re walking on a yoga mat, it may be caused by grubs.

Beat-Up Looking Grass

If your grass looks worn out, beat up, or just plain tired – it could be grub-induced stressed. Even with fertilizer and proper watering, your grass won’t be able to thrive without its root system.

What To Do About Grubs

In short, call us! Emerald Island Lawn Service uses products that will kill off grubs without harming your turfgrass. In fact, applying right now is perfect because we can eliminate the next generation of grubs before they emerge from the soil and lay eggs.

How Repair Damage And Prevent Grubs In The Future

Fill In The Bare Areas

Emerald Island can overseed any areas of your lawn impacted by grubs, getting your lawn back to its original healthy state. This will also help prevent other bugs and diseases. When your lawn is healthy, it’s less prone to problems across the board – not just grubs.

Opt For Grub Control Every Year

You won’t have to worry about grubs with a yearly grub control application!

Find Grub Control Near Knoxville, TN

If you’re wondering: “where can I find quality grub control near me?” wonder no further. The professionals at Emerald Island Lawn Service have you covered. For over 20 years, we’ve provided Knoxville homes with lawn service and pest control options. Our grub control program targets these annoying critters before they grow up to be breeding adults and start the cycle of destruction all over again. We can easily add this service to an existing lawn care program or as a stand-alone service for lawns that need it. If you’d like to learn more or voice your concerns with an expert, give us a call at 865-588-4497 or leave us a message online. We hope you found this blog helpful! You can browse past articles on our blog page here.

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